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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday I got to work with the AH-MAZE-ING Marie Killen, photographer and human being extraordinaire. This was my first time working with Marie, and I was so happy because I've been admiring her work for awhile. To top it off, the model was Rebecca Gatta, who I had worked with before. Not only is she gorgeous and photographs beautifully, but she is just about the nicest young woman around. Needless to say, I was in heaven. It was such an easy and fun job. And take a look at THESE:

Like I said...IN HEAVEN!

I hope you all have the merriest Christmas, and a very happy New Year. See you all next post.

Love, b.b.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So Excited...

To announce the launch of my website! Please take a moment to check it out, hope you enjoy :)

Makeup By b.b.

See you next post!

Love, b.b.

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Just Like Christmas...

In my line of work, I get to meet some pretty talented people. Collaborating with these wonderful photographers, wardrobe stylists, hair stylists, and models is one of the best things about my job. It's so exciting to watch an idea come together. Sometimes waiting to get proofs and files can be agony when I'm particularly excited about a project and I'm dying to see how the final images turned out. It really is just like Christmas when I open my email and I have something lovely like this waiting for me:

Photographers: Joey + Jessica Seawell
Model: Madison McKenna
Makeup and Hair: Makeup By b.b.

Or, perhaps I have something deliciously different waiting for me, like this:

Photographer: Rusty McDonald
Model: Grace Brennan
Makeup and Hair: Makeup By b.b.

Thank you Santa, for filling up my Inbox! See you next post.

Love, b.b.

Look Linger Love

Today on my lovely friend Chassity's fabulous blog Look Linger Love is a guest post by yours truly all about how to achieve that perfect sparkle with your holiday makeup. I hope you take a look, and enjoy! Also, Chassity is a fantastic blogger with incredible taste & style, so if you don't already follow her blog, you should!

Love, b.b.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Five Things In My Kit That I Cannot Live Without:

Hi All! Things have been crazy with work lately, which is a very good thing because it means I have been BUSY! Lots of test shoots, a magazine shoot, and I was also working as an assistant makeup artist on the set of the Hallmark Channel movie 'The Shunning', which will be premiering around Mother's Day in 2011. I've been very lucky to get to work with some wonderful and talented people.

As a makeup artist, the most important thing I own is my kit. It needs constant attention, as I'm always updating, adding to, and restocking it with all the essentials I need on a regular basis, plus a few odds and ends that may (ok almost ALWAYS) come in handy on a job. Since I've spent so much time lately reaching into my kit and handling all my favorite goodies, I thought I'd share with you my top five favorite things in my kit that I just can't live without right now.

1. Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner. This is possibly the most important thing in my kit, along with my hand sanitizer. I cannot stress how important cleanliness is in my line of work. I sanitize everything. Keeping my brushes clean is not only sanitary, but it prolongs the life of my brushes too. This cleaner is great because it's anti-bacterial and dries quickly, so I can use it in between applications. It also keeps the makeup buildup low so when I wash all my brushes at the end of the week it doesn't take forever to get all the makeup out.

2. Smashbox Contour Kit. This palette is just gorgeous. The colors look great on most skin tones, so it's a great palette for my kit. The dark contour color can sculpt amazing cheekbones and a beautiful jawline in no time. The bronzer gives a gorgeous all-over glow, while the highlighter really makes your cheeks and eyes pop. One of the best things about this kit is that it comes with a little cheat sheet inside that tells you exactly where to place each color, so it's perfect for everyone from pro to someone who is trying contouring for the first time. The contour color can also double as an eyeshadow in a pinch, so this is really a must-have for everyone.
3. Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case. Ok, this thing is just amazing. This case has some seriously gorgeous, highly pigmented colors in it. The colors can be used anywhere on the face, including the eyes and lips. They are incredibly creamy and go on so smoothly, and dry to a nice even finish. You can do basically anything with this palette; your imagination is your only limit! While it's not necessarily a product I'd recommend for my clients to buy, it's definitely something that I'd tell any professional makeup artist to get for their kit - if they don't already have it! It is indispensable!

4. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I love this product. I cannot live without it! The wand makes application a breeze, and it dries to complete invisibility. It allows shadow to go on smoother, and it WILL NOT CREASE! The primer also keeps your shadow in place for all-day wear. It really is magic in a bottle. If you do not already own this product, seriously, run out and buy it RIGHT NOW...no, seriously...I'll wait!

5. Temptu Pro Concealer Wheel. This is another professional product that I use everyday. It's a silicone based concealer, so the product spreads very easily. It goes on as light or as heavy as you'd like, without ever looking cakey. There are five shades in the wheel, so you can really custom match most people. The only drawback is that this is the only wheel they have, so it's not ideal for darker complexions. However, I'm hoping sometime down the line they will correct this, because it is such a fantastic product.

There you have it! I have so many products in my kit that I absolutely love, but these are definitely my top favorite right now. I hope you enjoyed reading about them, and maybe you'll even pick up a few for yourself to try. While the Flash case might be a bit much for most of you, the rest of the products I talked about would make a fantastic addition to anyone's home makeup bag, as well as any professional kit.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write me and ask! Comments are always welcome, and I look forward to seeing you next post.

Love, b.b.