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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some Blogger Love

Ok I am TOTALLY late to getting around to making this post, so apologies to all. Things have been super crazy what with the kick off to wedding season madness, but I wanted to let you all know that moi was featured a couple times over at The Thirty Something Bride.

It was a happy accident how I ended up meeting blogger Louise, who also has an online boutique of some really gorgeous veils and headpieces over at TruLu Couture. I stumbled upon a post of hers on a modeling networking site that I frequent. She was looking to vamp up her website for a relaunch, and I had a bridal themed shoot coming up with the fabulous Marie Killen and Scott Russell. So I invited her to come participate in our shoot and bring her collection of pieces and we would shoot them on our models.

Louise ended up writing a blog post about it before we'd done the shoot, and it was so flattering. Louise is truly hilarious, and I love her sense of humor. And how awesome was she to say all those nice things about our work before we'd even met?!

The second post was made about 10 days after the first, after we'd done the shoot. And can I just say, the shoot turned out AMAZING. We were originally supposed to have a couple different models, but one backed out due to the flu the night before, and I'm actually happy it happened that way. Because our model Zoe did fantastic! Not only is she extremely lovely, but she was super professional and very easy to work with.

Here's a little taste of the shoot:

Hair and Makeup by yours truly.

So if you're looking for the perfect headpiece for your wedding, be sure to check out Louise at TruLu Couture. And if you're in need of makeup for your special day, call me! Haha!

See you next post.
Love, b.b.