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Monday, October 11, 2010


As you know, I participated in Art:UNAUTHORIZED last weekend with some extremely talented people.

Kristy Thomas, the curator for the Center for Visual Arts gallery, invited Photographers John Ryan Flaherty, John Read, Evan Brennan, and Matt Bell to set up a live model photo shoot at the second opening of "Art Unauthorized". They put together a 'live installation' photoshoot to help promote the artists' work hanging in the show.

                                              Photo by John Ryan Flaherty.

Participating in the installation were Models Melissa Stanley, Theresa Ortiz, and Kelly Keodara; and Hair Stylist Kyle Britt. Bob Smithey from At The Ritz costume rentals provided wardrobe for the shoot. And of course, me, b.b. doing makeup. Melissa called me just a couple days before the event. They had lost their makeup artist for the shoot, but fortunately for me I was free and agreed to provide makeup. I'm so glad I did!

                                              Photo by John Ryan Flaherty.

The theme for the shoot, as well as the artwork in the exhibit, was grunge/skate/graffiti/punk. So, lots of crazy colors and materials. We basically had license to do whatever we wanted within the realm of street chic, and I'm proud to say we got some amazing shots. Here are just a few:

                                        Photo by Evan Brennan. Model Melissa Stanley.

                                              Photo by Matt Bell. Model Kelly Keodara.

                                   Photo by John Ryan Flaherty. Model Theresa Ortiz.

There were a TON of people there that night. So many people came through the exhibit, and the energy was incredible. We were also able to use the entire exhibit space, not just our roped off area of the installation, for shots. Yup, that means audience participation! It was definitely a challenge at times to ignore all the people staring at you while you work, but it definitely made for a fun experience!

                                   Photo by Evan Brennan. Model Theresa Ortiz.

Did I mention there was also food, drinks, music by DJ L in Japanese, and a live tattoo demonstration by Houston Patton?

                                    Photo by Evan Brennan. Model Theresa Ortiz.

I had an amazing time to say the least, and it was one of the most fun shoots I've ever worked on. It was also great to work with such fantastic talent. John, John, Matt, Melissa, Theresa, Kelly, and Kyle are also part of Greensboro Production Photography. Greensboro Production Photography was founded under the principles of community, cooperation and progression.  They work to unite the artistic minds and elements of the city into a strengthened movement looking towards positive encouragement and development.  They work to bring together independent artists striving for something more and working towards an exciting environment which will promote fellowship and collaboration among all of those inspired artists involved.

I can't wait to get some more of the photos from the shoot. As soon as I get them, I'll post them up. I also can't wait to work with these special artists again. They were an absolute joy to be around, and they are all so talented.

Got several more posts in the works, so stay tuned. See you next post!

Love, b.b.

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